Answers to Questions Mormon Seekers Frequently Have About the Bahá'í Faith

Q. Do Baha'is believe that Joseph Smith was a true Prophet of God who prophesied of Baha'u'llah?
Q. How could Bahá'u'lláh be the return of Christ when Jesus is coming back in a cloud and will reign in the City of New Jerusalem for 1000 years?
Q. So the Baha'is believe in Reincarnation?
Q. What is the difference between a Prophet and a Seer in Baha'i terminology?
Q. Why should I believe in Baha'u'llah when the Living Prophet of the LDS Church has never mentioned Him?
Q. How could Bahá'u'lláh be Jesus returned when He was not Jesus?
Q. If Bahá'u'lláh is the return of the Spirit of Christ then Who is the return of the Soul of Jesus?
Q. Can men and women become Gods and Goddesses in the Afterlife as Mormonism teaches?
Q. How could Baha'u'llah be the return of Christ when the Signs in the Heavens have not yet occurred?
Q. Do Baha'is believe in Eternal Marriage?
Q. What is the Baha'i Afterlife like?
Q. How could the Baha'i Faith be the Millennial Kingdom when the planet is not peaceful and Christ is not reigning?
Q. What is the Baha'is believe regarding The Book of Mormon?
Q. What is the Baha'i Doctrine concerning the City of New Jerusalem?
Q. How can the LDS Church and the Baha'i Faith BOTH be true? How can there be TWO Only True Churches?

Q. How can I get further information about the Baha'i Faith?

For further information about the Baha'i Faith you must attend a Seekers Meeting at a Baha'i Center near your home. A Seekers Meeting includes the following:

1) Believers and Seekers (non-bahais) introduce themselves and sit down, and a Believer recites a Baha'i Prayer (takes about 3 mintues).

2) A DVD is shown about the Faith (15 to 30 minutes)

3) There is a "Question and Answer" Period where Seekers can ask questions.

4) There is a Social Time where refreshments are served (like at a Church dance) and Believers and Seekers can mingle.

5) The Host (a Believer) offers the Seekers free Baha'i literature, and Seekers may borrow books from a free lending library.

Seekers Meeting last about 90 minutes. Dress is casual. Smoking is sllowed outside (smoking is allowed in the Faith and smokers are never shunned). There is usually no child-care. Donations cannot be accepted.

To attend a Seekers Meeting please call this toll-free number (anytime day or night) and leave your name, the city and state you live in, your number, and a good time to call you back:


To receive FREE Baha'i literature mailed to your home (nobody will ever knock on your door) then go HERE and fill-out the online request form. Your name/address will NEVER be sold!


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